Richard C. Hagmann

Services will be held at a later date
Died: Dec. 12, 2020
Richard C. Hagmann

This past year has been awful, especially in-regards to my Dad. We hadn’t seen him in person since February due to his assisted living care facility going into lockdown because of Covid and only once saw him via zoom for about five minutes live. He always struggled with his hearing and he sure didn’t like those hearing aids, so telephone conversations were tough, but we still managed to at least speak to him almost every day. I promised my Mom I would take care of him when she passed five years ago, and we did our best until recently sadly.
These past few weeks, contact with him had been difficult due to his failing health. This Thanksgiving was the first time I was unable to talk to one of my parents. Even on December 5th, his 90th birthday, we were unable to celebrate with him or even wish him a happy birthday.
On Saturday morning my Dad went to heaven to meet my Mom. I am sure she was there to welcome him with all of their family members and friends who have passed and our beloved dogs we have had growing up, including Gidget, our golden retriever that they helped train during her puppy years. I am happy they are all at peace and not suffering any longer.
To be an only child and an adopted one at that provides a closeness that a large family might not realize. Sure, I have the same memories as most growing up, but in the end, it was just the three of us doing everything. The trips to Buffalo and Sun City to visit family, a vacation to Bermuda and Monticello, and the numerous flea markets and baseball stands within 100 miles all done while following a map and certainly not asking for directions!
My Dad is the man who instilled a love of baseball and had my first catch with, he picked me up when I ran away (like a block in his blue bug Volkswagen), had my first driving experience (no not at this same time!), inspired me to “love” raking leaves and shoveling snow, taught me to subtract backwards (and I still can’t do it the right way even today), flew out of the house to explode when I broke a window throwing a ball to my mom while she sat there laughing, and many more little memories and stories.
He was also a kind-hearted man that was very quiet, but once you got him talking, he could carry on quite a conversation. His love of the Buffalo Bills and dislike of Notre Dame was one that always entertained me, as did his thumbing his nose at my mom and I when he knew we were making fun of him and having a quick retort!
In my mind I see him how he was forty years ago – out back cutting the grass with his old jean shorts on, white t-shirt, and waiting to drink a Genesee Light when he was done or with his binoculars watching birds and squirrels out behind our house. He was a hard- working man who served his country in the Coast Guard and Navy Reserves, worked in sales for over thirty years while traveling the East Coast, and then retired to live out his years with my mom and take care of her.
I am very thankful and blessed to have been adopted by these two wonderful parents. I hope to continue the Hagmann name, tradition, and retire and take care of my beautiful wife and watch over our three children, their families, and hopefully many grand-children one day.
Time flies by so fast and before you know it, you are at place where your parents were and are now at that same stage of life. Enjoy every minute, take nothing for granted, and don’t sweat the small stuff. In the end, family is all that matters, and I am beyond thankful that I have Karyn, Tyler, Colby, Katie, our golden Maddie, and the rest of our relatives and friends in our lives. Otherwise, what is there?
In lieu of flowers or cards, we are asking people to give to one of the three organizations listed. My parents especially loved dogs and just animals in general.

Services for Richard C. Hagmann will be held at a later date.